Custom user roles to fit the needs of your organization

With ProClass you can create the unique security roles for the different positions within your organization. Whether you wish to restrict who can view an address, manage payments for an account, or if you want to designate what positions may schedule makeup classes for attendees with absences. ProClass has the flexibility to create the roles you need. With over 200 individual task level permissions available to choose from, you create the roles according to your needs and then assign individual users to that role to fully control their access to the functions and data within your ProClass database.

Like many other aspects of ProClass each security role is fully documented in our comprehensive audit logs to indicate what changes are made, who is granted or denied permissions, and who the user was that made the changes.

 User Security Features of ProClass

Unlimited unique role definitions
Unlimited user accounts so that everyone has their own personal login
Security role audit logs
Record level security change and modify audit logs
260+ individual task layer permissions to choose from
Individual business unit or organizational role levels
Individual user signature files, email designations, and application preferences

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