Reporting and Data Mining for Class, Event, and Member Based Organizations Reporting Software and Data Mining for Class, Event, and Member Based Organizations




Analyze trends, report on current and historical activity, and develop strategies with a better understanding of your organization's data

With ProClass you have greater insight into your organization than ever before. With up to the minute accounts receivables data, real time registrations and membership signups and renewals, and full communications tracking your data is never out of date or inaccurate. With our comprehensive customer relationship capabilities and customizable data fields you can track all the data you need and with ProClass all your custom data fields are fully searchable just like every other field in the ProClass database. With our powerful custom query features you can look up information regarding classes, payments, registration histories, semester totals, or any other data you might require for analysis of your organization performance. Having greater insight into your organization and the trends and activities occurring will help you to better manage your organization and better service your customers

Reporting and Data Mining Features of ProClass Software:

 Create custom queries, save them, and share them with other users
 Export any custom data request direct to MS Excel
 Powerful search options with multiple selection criteria  on every field in the database
 Library reports for daily rosters, student lists, account statements, and more
 Library reports are fully exportable to xml, csv, pdf, Excel, Word, Tiff or web formats
 Create queries and easily email all individuals in that data set
 Unlimited user defined fields for contacts and accounts
 All user defined fields are fully searchable and exportable
 Security on reports to control access to specific reports and protect sensitive information