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ProClass - class management software and online registrations software reviews

See what our customers say about our staff and how ProClass has helped their organizations build customers and grow their organizations.

 "I'm going into my third year using ProClass and I love it!"

After looking through the options I found that ProClass answered all my needs. The website is super intuitive. Classes are simple to create and edit, and the site is so easy to navigate. I am by no means a computer person, but I am able to take advantage of all the helpful features ProClass offers. Registrations are now entered by my customers and payments are made directly online. All in all, I wholeheartedly would recommend ProClass to those who are running any kind of studio or after school program. 

Kristin - Owner

ProClass is setup to grow with my business

Proclass was just what I was looking for, and I'm especially happy that the system is set up to grow along with my business so that I don't have to worry about switching over to a new system with greater capacity as my customer base increases.

Ericka - Owner

Online registration is a hit with our membership

ProClass has simplified the process for registering and tracking students and reduced the time and effort our staff needed to manage courses. The online registration is a hit with our membership and the quick and easy registration confirmation to the students is a real time saver. The ability to modify the software for our use has proven very useful and the recent modifications make the software even more intuitive and easy to use.

Bill - Manager

ProClass goes beyond our expectations!

We started using ProClass in August 2012 in order to offer online registration to our members. In a recent survey of our members, ProClass was rated as excellent and easy to use. We were pleased with this feedback since our clientele are older adults. When we began leasing ProClass we were most interested in the online registration aspect. However, we have discovered that ProClass has benefited our organization far beyond what we had anticipated.

Sarah - Executive Director 

ProClass made registration smooth and easy

Our students are now able to participate in the registration process themselves by creating their own accounts and registering online. It's also much easier to update accounts with new information as it is received. We're able to communicate with students much faster and efficiently all while keeping detailed histories of each transaction and correspondence. ProClass has improved our relationships with our students as well as our professional presence online. 

Betsy - Registrar

We had highly specific needs that only ProClass met

With our previous system at the edge of functionality, it seemed difficult to find a solution that closely fit our business needs. We selected Pro Class after an exhaustive survey of options and it's proved to be an exceptionally intuitive, thoughtfully designed, and high functioning database for an organization of our size and complexity.

Sheila - Executive Director

ProClass made my job easier

Pro Class has made my job much easier in handling registrations, refunds and reports. It has streamlined a formerly laborious process into a quick and easy system.

Kim - Executive Director

"Proclass has made my life a lot easier"

With this program I can complete my tasks in a very timely matter; no more late evenings staying over to work.  Once I started using ProClass and learned my way around it was easy to use, I didn’t need a lot of extensive training (fast and easy navigation).  Some of the features that has helped to improve my productivity are; on-line registration, ability to copy, easy access to look-ups, and sending group emails, just to name a few.  Also the continual updates from ProClass are very helpful.  I guess what I really appreciate the most is  that support is always available to help you  when you run into a problem that you can’t figure out.  Thank you ProClass!

Janet - Registrar

ProClass has been a God-send!"

Our programs had become so successful, we were at the point of needing to hire a part-time person to handle registrations, something ProClass does efficiently.
The data we collect and the ease of using its on-line features make ProClass a sound investment for any group with growth in its future.  The training was thorough.  

If this 50 year old who used an electric typewriter to get through grad school can learn and manage it, anyone can.

Joan - Administrative Dean

"ProClass gave us a more professional appearance"

 As with any small business my wife and I find ourselves wearing many hats. ProClass has helped us to streamline our quarterly registration and website update processes which has freed us up to tackle other projects. Most of our 150+ students now use the easy online registration process and processing handwritten forms is also simple using this software.  We feel ProClass Software has given our business a more professional appearance with less work involved. 

Jeff - Owner

"ProClass is a Hit for After School Enrichment Classes!"

The experience has been amazing!  

The classes were really easy to set up and the ProClass staff guided me through every step of the process.  The semester screen quickly showed me the status of every course, I knew instantly what classes had met their minimum enrollments. With a few clicks I could easily transfer students to different classes if classes had low enrollment and could not run.  Not only can we offer parents easy secure online registration for after school classes, but we can also offer registration to all other PTO events and even sell spirit wear apparel! 

We just finished our first registration cycle and it was a huge success. The feedback from parents has been positive, they love the ease of the site and the security of their credit information.  I would wholeheartedly recommend ProClass to anyone interested in setting up online registration!

Jen - After School Enrichment Committee