Non Profit Class Management, Online Registration, Fundraising and Donor Tracking Software


ProClass provides software to nonprofits to assist in the management of event and class registration, billing, donor tracking and fundraising, as well as communications

The unique needs of nonprofits are easily met with the ProClass system. with powerful relationship tracking features, donor tracking, memberships and more.

ProClass makes it easy to manage and grow your nonprofit organization. Our online registration makes enrolling registrants quick and easy and our multiple payment options allows you to be flexible enough to attract the largest possible market for your events and programs.

Online donations are simple with ProClass and allow for campaign tracking and even installment payments customized by your constituents.

With our integrated marketing features such as comprehensive customer relationship management and email campaigns you can communicate changes to students and parents and promote new programs or upcoming events to parents effectively.

ProClass helps you to increase donations as well as class and program registrations, reduce or eliminate past due accounts, track fundraising efforts, gain insight into which programs are growing and which should be evaluated, and easily schedule instructors and produce daily rosters.

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