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Easily manage attendance and schedule makeups for missed classes or event sessions

With ProClass you can take attendance for events and classes, mark individuals as excused or unexcused, schedule them for makeups per your organization's policies, and update future sessions with advance notification of planned absences.

ProClass even allows for the scheduling of free introductory session attendees for classes that run on an ongoing basis and then helps you to track and manage the conversion of these introductory sessions into actual registered students or attendees.

Key Attendance Features:

 Track present, excused, and unexcused attendance for any class or event
 Schedule makeup sessions for attendees with excused absences
 Print daily roster reports complete with daily makeups 
 Schedule prospective students for free introductory sessions in ongoing classes
 Track conversion of free introductory students
 Include daily introductory students on roster reports
 Track starts & restarts in ongoing classes and note statuses on roster reports
 Complete attendance and optionally lock to prevent unauthorized changes
 Easily view historical and future absences or makeups for any student