When did this change? Who changed it? With ProClass you have the answers

As part of The ProClass security suite of features auditing is enabled on every transaction and record in the database. With this you can find when items were created, who created them, when it was last changed, and who last modified the record. These fields are fully searchable throughout the database so that you can create queries to identify activity and changes at any time. 

We enable full audit trails on security roles to enable insight into to all security related user activity. If a permission is added to a specific role, if one is removed, when a user is granted permission to perform specific tasks, which user granted this access or modified it. All these activities and more are tracked by ProClass. All audit information is retained indefinitely so that you fully auditable security trail with ProClass unlike that available with any other solution on the market today. 

Financial transactions have similar audit data stored with them so that you can easily meet the requirements of year end audits as well as inquiries by clients into their accounts. ProClass even manages financial related transactions to help eliminate internal issues by preventing the deleting of specific transactions without proper accounting controls and process being observed. ProClass is always there protecting your data and insuring that you can see what is happening within your organization.

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