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ProClass provides training management  and education tracking software to companies and employee training providers to assist in registration, scheduling, class tracking, and communications

The unique needs of corporate training and employee education programs are easily met with the ProClass training management software system. Our online registration system makes enrolling students and employees quick and easy and our multiple payment options allows 3rd party corporate training providers to be flexible enough to attract the largest possible market for your programs. With our integrated marketing features such as comprehensive employee data management and email campaigns you can communicate changes to students and promote new programs or upcoming events effectively. With our unlimited user defined fields you can setup as many unique data fields as necessary for your unique organization to track the data and certifications that are required by your specific employee training curriculum. ProClass helps you to more efficiently manage employee training registrations, track employee histories and renewal dates for certifications, gain insight into which programs are growing and which should be evaluated, and easily schedule instructors and produce daily rosters. 

How is ProClass employee training management software different?

Employee training programs require a unique set of features to effectively manage students, registrations, communications, and certification tracking processes. ProClass offer these capabilities and more to many companies and corporate training program providers. With flexible scheduling you can manage program that do not have regularly scheduled meet dates. Canceling a specific date, notifying students and scheduling a makeup session is fast and easy. With your online customer portal and online registration system parents can view their registration history and confirmation letters. Department heads and managers can easily log in and manage their specific employees and schedule their training at any time and from any location. 

For 3rd party corporate training providers, ProClass can manage all accounts receivables, billing and financial transactions securely and efficiently. Our powerful reporting and query features allow you to retrieve data from ProClass about your clients accounts at any time and with the ultimate in flexibility. With out unlimited user defined fields and customizable screens you can create the application interface and database that most efficiently manages the unique type of training that you provide for your employees or customers.  

Whether you provide company training, corporate education, safety and first aid training, or customer technical and skills training ProClass software will make you more efficient and allow you to focus on what is important, your programs.

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